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10 Quick Tips About Video Marketing for Business

Here’s a list of 10 tips about video marketing for your business. Heed these tips and reap the benefits of the world’s greatest marketing asset, video production.

10. Do you video here often?

Putting all your eggs in one basket only means you can get robbed more easily. Just producing a few big budgeted videos means you’ll have a few pieces of content to market your fine establishment. Considered making more content with the same budget. Strategize content frequency when it comes to your video marketing.

9. You’re so emotional

As if! Seriously, the emotional content is compelling. You don’t have to make everyone cry, emotional just means adding a pinch of humanity to your content. Brands don’t just compete on price they also compete on how the brand fits into a consumers lifestyle.

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Video Editing Tips for Testimonial & About us Videos

Developing an intuition for finding gems in the footage will allow you to craft more emotional edits from sometimes not great interviews or inadequately executed productions. If you are in the market for hiring a videographer internally or externally, or maybe you’re a producer, these insights from my experience in video production will come in handy.

Crafting a perfect edit is much like a bobcat sighting, it’s rare, but with attention to detail and knowing a few tricks, a nearly ideal edit can be yours. FYI: A lot of the same principals can apply to edit television and feature films as well. Let’s start!

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Building a Website for a Cause: Vermont English Bulldog Rescue

I finally understand why the English Bulldog is the unofficially adopted mascot of the US Marines. It’s not because Bullies are brave, aggressive, or particularly fierce (actually they are the completely opposite). It’s because of their uncanny faithfulness.

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Lock It Up: All Customer Sites Now Secured With SSL

Security is serious business and we want our customers to have their marketing investments protected from malicious actors. That’s why we’ve decided to upgrade all customers with websites maintained by RetroMotion to use SSL at no cost.

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Keep On Keepin’ On: Consistency and Social Media Marketing

It’s not the car’s fault the tires are bald.

You drive like Mario Andretti on your morning commute and race around town every day. You don’t fill up, you don’t change your oil. In fact, you don’t do anything that remotely resembles car maintenance. Ever. Well, guess what, turkey? Your car is going to run out of gas!

If you really were Mario Andretti, you’d know that you have to have one of the best crew pits in the history of IndyCar racing in order to drive your car hard on a daily basis and not have problems.

Your social media is the same way. That’s why our next Marketing Confession is a gas.
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6 Reasons Instagram is Insta-Great for Your Business

As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms available today, Instagram is the secret weapon you need to market your business. As Weekend Update’s New York City correspondent Stefon would say: “This place has everything”–meticulously edited selfies, family ski trip photos, political puppy memes, and, like on any media platform, advertisements.

It’s easy to assume that your business doesn’t need Instagram to advance its marketing and brand awareness. Selfies and sales don’t always go hand-in-hand, but lots of companies have been able to make Instagram work for them.
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Going for the Gold: Marketing Your Business

It’s Olympics season, and the world is looking to Rio for a (virtual) front row seat to see the literal superhuman athletes competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics. We, as a world of nations, are more than ready to watch in awe from our couches and scarcely-used yoga mats as competitors show us what training, hard work, and inspiration really looks like.

With so many other small (and, of course, big) businesses investing in digital marketing, it can feel impossible to compete with others in your industry. If anything, it becomes easy to get uninspired. With expenses and employees, marketing can start to feel like the fat on the meat of your company.

The fact is, marketing is a seriously worthy investment. Like those Olympic gymnasts stretching and practicing for years to turn their bodies into pretzels, sometimes you need to invest in your dreams.
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