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Market a business for nothing

If you’re a business owner like me, you know you have to market your enterprise to grow it. There’s no way round’ it, bub. Word-of-mouth, and growing your business on the merits of quality can only take us so far. We also know that advertising, marketing, and public relations can get costly fast. But, have no fear I’ve put together a couple marketing strategies that won’t cost you a penny and can help build a steadfast foundation to launch your brand! Perfect for bootstrapping a startup or growing something from little to something great in just a few easy steps! 

From posting on social media, digital-networking, earned-media, and podcasting these tactics can be time-consuming, but fun, and a great way to learn how to market your business from the inside out. By administering these plans, it will help you think through some of the decisions you’ve made in your business planning stages and get to put some of the vision, principals, and values into action. Let’s get started. 

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Content is King!

Why We Love Content Marketing!

Content Marketing

And Why You Should, Too!

Stop worrying and learn to love content marketing. What is content marketing? Content marketing is when you utilize content such as videos, blogs, and other multimedia to capture the attention of specific demographics. Content marketing is typically not a direct seller of the business’s product, service or mission, but is closely related. This type of marketing is useful, entertaining and it converts audiences into buyers. But, why do we love it?

Love is such a strong word.

Content marketing is genuinely lovable, and that is why it is so powerful. Genuinely lovable? I suppose that needs a little more detail. The keyword is genuine. With the advancement of technology, we all notice that advertisements bombard our daily lives. New platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide advertisers with new opportunities. On top of the development of more television stations and more ways to watch movies and sports, we have even more technology-enabled platforms to explore, such as podcasts and VR. We run the risk of ad fatigue with our clients. Content marketing is a marketing strategy to offset this ad fatigue by providing the audience with beneficial or entertaining content that indirectly sells. In some cases, the content may not sell any product or service. Content marketing creates a value for potential customers.

This shifting of interruptive advertisements to value-driven content is genuinely lovable. I say “genuine” because this content should come from the heart; it should speak through the business or industry from an emotional and human looking glass. It’s not about savings, coupons or features. And, it’s not about comparisons or benefits. But, it’s about the mutual emotional connections and the values that your community shares.

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Yo Adrian! I Need Some Marketing Help! (Fighting Your Way to the Top With Marketing)

There is nothing that gets the heart pumping and the goosebumps bumping like a classic underdog story. When the circumstances seem too severe to overcome, and the likelihood of success is meager at best, only the perfect combination of motivation, belief, and effort can lead to triumph. In the film industry, some of the most popular and enduring underdog stories are derived from boxing cinema. Examples include Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby, The Fighter, Cinderella Man, and many more critically acclaimed prizefighting tales. Although Hollywood is full of these inspirational ‘rags to riches’ boxing storylines, there is one that remains the undefeated champion. The iconic 1976 film “Rocky” set the groundwork for the archetype of the boxing movie, and, indeed, has been one of the most successful and enduring film franchises of all time. How is Rocky like marketing?

Just like Rocky, small businesses across the United States are fighting to become the reigning champions of their industries.

“Rocky” tells the story of a perennial underdog from the city of Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa, a small time heavyweight boxer and reluctant debt collector with more bruises on his face than dollars in the bank. His only companions are his pet turtles, Cuff and Link, and his cynical best friend, Paulie Pennino. Unlike later underdogs, who are generally shown on their way up, Rocky was already approaching middle age by the original film, and his hopes of boxing glory were fast waning. To add to his troubles, his primary trainer, Mickey Goldmill, has recently substituted him with a newcomer because he believes Rocky to be a “bum” – a perpetual loser unable to achieve his full potential. However, Rocky’s luck is about to take a surprising turn when the world champion, Apollo Creed – a charismatic showman clearly based on Muhammed Ali – and his team decide they want to give a small-time fighter a championship match for publicity purposes. Apollo chooses “The Italian Stallion”, Rocky Balboa! Finally, the habitual undercard fighter has a shot at the title, but he will need to effectively marshal all his resources in order to stand the slightest success.

Apollo Creed chose to give the underdog a chance because he wanted an easy win, but also because of his belief that America was the “land of opportunity”. Just like Rocky, small businesses across the United States are fighting to become the reigning champions of their industries. Nonetheless, before a startup can put on their gloves and step into the ring, there are some essential marketing actions that must be considered.

Here is how the main characters in the movie “Rocky” can be seen to relate to the necessary support that a strong marketing mix can provide to a new business.

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How Your Social Media Profile is Marketing Your Identity

The ideal appearance of a person’s profile changes faster than the passing of seasons. If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll notice that the first picture you posted on your account looks like a prehistoric cave painting compared to your most recently shared photo. Over the years, the idea of creating this virtual identity has developed into ‘how well can I advertise my existence?’ The more these new forms of media have wriggled their way into our daily lives, the more they have become something that is now an integral part of who we are. Just like marketing any big business, the use of social networks to create some form of brand identity is something that individuals are doing on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis to develop and sell the product that is their individual identity to their followers.

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5 Marketing Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a haunting anthology television series that takes a deeper look into the many ways in which technology has affected our lives–or could in the near future. Rather than demonize technologies such as virtual reality or social media, it takes an introspective look into how the human condition is affected by these technological advances. What’s this got to do with marketing?

If you’re a business owner or are part of a marketing team, there are valuable lessons that can be taken from this series.
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Social Media Professional Self Service

Why your horn hath tooted the wrong note

Why do some professionals continue to boast about their drunken antics and personal political views but not their professional effectiveness? Why not use social media to your advantage? Why not build a personal brand as strong as your professional brand? Sure, it’s great that you like the Rolling Stones, but do we really need to know that your first kid was due to whisky and listening to “Honky Tonk Women” in the backseat of a Buick?
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Rejoice: The Facebook “Dislike” Button is (Kinda) Here!

Social Validation Revolution

From its humble origins as a novel way to creep on classmates to its current ubiquity as a global repository of personal data for the intelligence community, Facebook has been responsible for many game-changing innovations throughout its glorious lifespan. One of its most widely recognized and important features is the “Facebook Like”, which transformed social validation on the Internet after its introduction in 2009. Requiring only a single click, the Like button acts as a stand-in for a range of positive responses: Agreement, amusement, empathy, sympathy, and actual liking, to name a few.
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Talk Ugly to Me

Speak the language of your customers for higher ROI on your marketing budgets

There always appears to be a measure of quality based on appearance rather than effectiveness. Some marketing departments get shy of displaying a business’s true identity because they are nervous of how it it may paint an image to the general public, their bosses, or other ranks of influencers. If those same businesses spoke true to their target demographic then they could have resonated more deeply with them, creating more fierce and loyal subjects to their cause. My grandfather always said “beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone.” I know he was trying to be funny, but if you flip the saying on it’s head, and embrace your “ugly” to expose your uniqueness, you will discover new value in an old joke.
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Who’s the real hero of Star Wars?

How would the Rebel Alliance use social media?

In the original Star Wars trilogy, the Rebel Alliance is a fledgling network of freedom fighters, comprised of soldiers, defectors, idealists, and everyday people looking to reestablish the democratic governance system of the Old Republic. The Alliance spans the galaxy from the Imperial capital in Coruscant, all the way to the far reaches of the Outer Rim territories.

Under the watchful eye of the Empire, the Rebels have to respond quickly to what’s happening around them. It’s critical for them to find new ways to communicate quickly and effectively, transmitting the most relevant and targeted information to the right people, at the right time—this is how they gain followers for their cause, and maintain visibility and relevance.

So how would the Rebel Alliance use social media in a galaxy far far away?
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