The average American has 5 social media accounts and spends up to 1.25 hours per day on social. Doesn’t it make sense to have an active presence on platforms your customers visit daily?

In both the B2C and B2B worlds, customer loyalty is often nurtured post-purchase through social media. Not only does it help ensure repeat business, it provides fans of your organization with a global platform to advocate for your products or services. These brand advocates can have a powerful effect on influencing the purchasing decisions of others—that is, if you present them with the opportunity.


On Social Media, your customers are inviting you into their personal space, so it is critical that your organization respects this relationship by posting quality content that fits with the platform. Repeatedly posting deals and specials is a straight ticket to an “unfollow”!


The key to success with Social Media is consistency, both in quality and in frequency. You know that content quality is important, but frequency can’t be neglected if you want to grow your following. After all, why bother following a company if they only post once a month?


What differentiates Social Media from other marketing channels is the ability to have an open dialogue with your customers. Not only is there a great opportunity to strengthen loyalty and encourage repeat business, but a quality Social Media presence can provide your fans with content they can share with their own network, delivering your message to a wider audience through someone they trust.

Escalation Service

Social Media can serve as an effective avenue for customer support. It provides a way for customers to directly speak with a company versus the ambiguous feeling of being another number in the support queue. We provide escalation services to alert our point of contact at your organization of these types of communications so that you can address them swiftly.

Ready to build a stronger relationship with your customers?