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RetroMotion Podcast #9 – Mark Covino, Director of The Crest, A Band Called Death

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and friend of the show, Mark Covino, joins us to talk about the important role that social media played in the success of his projects. Mark co-directed the documentary, A Band Called Death, and is now promoting his latest documentary, The Crest. He gives us a first-hand account of just how powerful social can be, including the story of how Scott Mosier of “Clerks” fame became a producer on A Band Called Death.

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RetroMotion Podcast #8 – Rusty DeWees, Actor, Comedian, Writer

Our guest this episode is none other than Rusty DeWees; legendary Vermont comedian, actor, producer, writer, and entrepreneur. Rusty recalls his unique journey and how it was ultimately his business-minded perspective that helped him succeed as an entertainer. From the beginning, Rusty knew that he had to be present in the community and built his brand from talking face to face with his audience. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Show notes:
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RetroMotion Podcast #7 – Julia Andrews, Director of Communications, Vermont PBS

We’re joined in studio by Julia Andrews, Director of Communications at Vermont PBS, who has extensive experience in the realm of marketing and advertising. She sheds light on how a non-profit organization like Vermont PBS can multiply their reach by effectively leveraging the digital marketing tools available to them, including platforms like Kickstarter, which helped them raise the necessary funds to produce children’s television show, Mister Chris and Friends.

RetroMotion Podcast #6 – Ronda Berns, VP of Tourism, Vermont Chamber of Commerce

We sit down with Ronda Berns, Vice President of Tourism at the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, to talk about the significant and growing role of tourism in the Vermont economy, and how it can serve as a driver for growth for the state as a whole. We cover a range of topics from Vermont’s unique offerings to challenges faced by the industry due to a changing market landscape.

RetroMotion Podcast #5 – Paul Goldman, President & General Manager, Sison Broadcasting

Paul Goldman, President and General Manager of Sison Broadcasting (95 Triple X, WVMT), joins us for an engaging conversation about the changing face of radio in the digital age, and the integral role of marketing in his industry and business as a whole.

RetroMotion Podcast #4 – Erin Sigrist, President of the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association

Tune in to listen to our conversation with Erin Sigrist, President of the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association (VRGA) and Executive Director of the Vermont Specialty Food Association. We chat about some of the unique challenges that retailers and food producers face as small businesses operating in Vermont, as well as how the VRGA helps to provide a collective voice on their behalf.

RetroMotion Podcast #3 – Mark Redmond, Executive Director at Spectrum

This episode we sit down with Mark Redmond, Executive Director of Spectrum Youth & Family Services, who has dedicated his life to helping at-risk teens and young adults make lasting, positive changes in their lives. He explains the importance of storytelling and its critical role in spreading awareness of Spectrum’s cause and helping to cultivate compassion within the community.

RetroMotion Podcast #2 – Kyle Bostwick, VP of Vermont Lake Monsters

We’re joined by Kyle Bostwick, Vice President of the Vermont Lake Monsters, about his decades-long experience in the field (no pun intended). He shares his experiences in a wide range of areas from keeping up with the evolution of communication technology to providing the most memorable experience for fans.

RetroMotion Podcast #1 – Sas Stewart, Co-Founder of Stonecutter Spirits

Sas Stewart, co-founder of Stonecutter Spirits joins us in-studio for our first episode to talk about her journey, as well as a topic that weighs heavily on our minds: The future of Vermont business. As an entrepreneur, Sas gives her passionate take on where we are today and where she believes we need to be in order to overcome some of the challenges faced by the state.

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