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RetroMotion Podcast #24 – James Lockridge, Executive Director, Big Heavy World, Youth Safety Council of Vermont, Co-Founder 105.9 The Radiator

In studio this episode is James Lockridge, Executive Director at Big Heavy World, and the Youth Safety Council of Vermont, and he is also the co-founder of 105.9FM The Radiator. James tells us how Big Heavy World helps bring exposure to Vermont-made music by providing support to artists to enable them to help themselves, and the fulfillment and empowerment experienced by volunteers being part of a small, tight-knit community. He also talks to us about his other project, the Youth Safety Council of Vermont, and their mission to curb distracted driving through various simulated experiences tailored to teen drivers.

Big Heavy World website
Big Heavy World YouTube Channel
Youth Safety Council of Vermont

RetroMotion Podcast #23 – Ellen Kane, Executive Director, Vermont Catholic Community Foundation

We’re joined in studio by Ellen Kane, the Executive Director of the Vermont Catholic Community Foundation. Ellen explains why Vermont is such an ideal place for non-profits and walks us through the process of starting a foundation and getting the word out about it through marketing.

Vermont Catholic Community Foundation

RetroMotion Podcast #22 – Justin Bunnell, Owner, RetroMotion Creative, Venetian Ginger Ale

This one’s a solo episode, featuring Justin Bunnell, owner at RetroMotion Creative and host of this podcast! Justin gives a bit of an update on the podcast, announces a few new positions at RetroMotion, and gives his thoughts on the current state of marketing with respect to the use of data versus engaging with your audience in a meaningful way.

We’re currently hiring an Administrative Assistant, as well as interns for the fall semester. Shoot us an email at [email protected] if you’re interested in applying.

RetroMotion Podcast #21 – Steve Redmond, Founder, Creative Director, Rival Brands

Joining us this episode is Steve Redmond, founder and Creative Director at Rival Brands. Steve shares his experience as a Vermont business owner, his philosophy on brands and branding, including interactions with customers, evolving stylistic choices for brand aesthetics, and how businesses new and old should approach their brand.

Rival Brands

RetroMotion Podcast #20 – Dennis Lemoine, Actor, Event Marketer, Creator of Jagg Off

Our guest this episode is none other than Dennis Lemoine; actor, event marketer, and the creator of Jagg Off, an annual celebration of Mick Jagger’s birthday and the Rolling Stones. Dennis takes us through his career path from actor to event marketer, reveals his “mild” obsession with the Rolling Stones, and how he grew the Jagg Off event from a small gathering of 15 friends to a yearly event at Nectars in Burlington with hundreds of attendees. We also talk event marketing and why it makes sense for companies to invest in attending trade shows and other events.

RetroMotion Podcast #19 – Mike Lannen, Founder & Creative Director, Eternity

We mixed it up a bit this episode! On the second mic is our guest host, Jon van Luling, who you may recognize as the on-field MC at the Vermont Lake Monsters games.

Joining us today is Mike Lannen, Founder and Creative Director at Eternity, a web design and development firm that builds engaging websites with a focus on ROI. We talk about a range of topics including the anatomy of a good website, B2B event marketing, being a good dad, and owning your own business. This is an interesting one, so be sure to tune in!


RetroMotion Podcast #18 – Mimi Buttenheim, President, Mad River Distillers

Raise your glass and welcome Mimi Buttenheim, President at Mad River Distillers, who joins us in studio this episode to talk about whiskey and doing business as an alcoholic beverage producer in Vermont. Mimi draws from her deep knowledge and experience in this industry to educate us on the basics of whiskey and then delves into the production, distribution, business, and regulatory side of things. Cheers to a fascinating discussion!

RetroMotion Podcast #17 – Nate Van Dusen, Brio Coffeeworks

Nate Van Dusen of Brio Coffeeworks sits down with us this episode to talk about his unique perspective as a specialty roaster in Vermont. Nate gives us a rundown of what makes specialty coffee so special (including a fascinating crash course on the technical side of the roasting process), as well as some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of his business that ensure Brio delivers a consistent and socially conscious product.

RetroMotion Podcast #16 – Darcy Carter, District Director, US Small Business Admin. Vermont

Darcy Carter, District Director of the US Small Business Administration in Vermont joins us this episode to talk about the SBA’s role in supporting Vermont’s small business community through their financial and business development programs. In addition to talking about the unique small business landscape in Vermont, Justin shares his own experiences with the SBA. Raising capital is an important part of running a business, so be sure to check this one out!

Darcy Carter – US SBA Vermont

RetroMotion Podcast #15 – Janice Shade, Co-Founder, Milk Money

This episode, Janice Shade, Co-Founder at Milk Money joins us to talk about her organization and how it helps innovative early-stage Vermont startups secure the financing they need to reach the next level through crowd-investing. She explains how this new approach to funding fills in a much needed gap in business financing and the potential implications of giving startups this kind of access to previously unavailable capital.

Milk Money

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