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RetroMotion Podcast #34 – Shane Rogers, Project Manager of Rooted in Vermont

In the first episode of 2019 the RetroMotion Podcast #34 talks about food and beverage with Shane Rogers. Shane is the project manager of Rooted in Vermont. Rooted in Vermont is a grassroots movement to increase consumer demand for local food. However, local has a marketing problem.

Are you interested in local food? Are you a local producer looking to expand your business? Are you a marketer that has an answer? Listen to this very important podcast about the stuff we put in our bodies!

Show Notes
Vermont Producers use the hashtag #rootedinvermont

Learn more at

RetroMotion Podcast #33 – Michael Ly, Founder of Reconciled

We talked with Michael Ly from about accounting, bookkeeping and raising money as a start-up. This is a great podcast if you’re looking to automate your bookkeeping, looking to raise money or if you’re an entrepreneur in general. Michael talks about his path to creating Reconciled and how he has a passion for looking at the numbers!


RetroMotion Podcast #32 – Craig Bailey, Host of Floydian Slip

Craig Baily is the host of Floydian Slip a syndicated Pink Floyd radio show with over 100 stations across the country. With over 1,100 episodes under his belt, Craig talks about how he built his following and explains how syndication works. We also talk a little about Pink Floyd. Don’t miss this episode to learn more about growing an audience and the importance of having a sales funnel.

Floydian Slip website

RetroMotion Podcast #31 – Sharon Wintersteen, Marketing and Public Relations at Snowflake Chocolates

It’s not every day someone brings you chocolates. In fact, I can’t say I remember the last time someone brought me some! That was until last Monday when I recorded our latest podcast with Sharon Wintersteen who is head of Internet Sales, Marketing and Public Relations at Snowflake Chocolates in Jericho, Vermont. Listen as we talk about the ups and downs of working with family, business, and chocolate. Since 1986 the family has been making sweets in the valley of Vermont’s great mount Mansfield in the charming town of Jericho. They say a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Ain’t that the truth! Enjoy.

Show notes:

RetroMotion Podcast #30 – Adrienee Ceneviva, Ri-Ra Irish Pub and Devin Bates, Local 44 and Local 22

What do Adrienne Ceneviva Community Sales and Events Manager at Ri-Ra Irish Pub in Burlington and Devin Bates Reporter from local 44 and local 22 have in common? Both are involved in the American Cancer Society’s campaign Real Men Wear Pink to help raise awareness on one of the deadliest cancers for women, breast cancer. Listen while we talk about breast cancer, raising awareness, marketing and reporting in the digital age.

Show notes:

Real Men Wear Pink donation page:

RetroMotion Podcast #29 – Heather Winther and Steven Cook

This episode we talk with Heather Winther Community Development Manager at the American Cancer Society and Steven Cook Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Tourism and Marketing for the State of Vermont. We talk about marketing, tourism, and breast cancer awareness. Steven and Justin of RetroMotion are both participating in the American Cancer Society’s “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign. You can help The American Cancer Society do work like this: funding $86 million nationwide in a vast array of #breastcancer #research grants, including those focused on evaluating disparities and identifying unmet needs to better improve screening and early detection and to better support those dealing with a diagnosis.

Show Notes

Donate to Steven Cook’s Real Men Wear Pink profile

Donate to Justin Bunnell’s Real Men Wear Pink profile

RetroMotion Podcast #28 – Corey Bunnell, Video Game Programmer

Corey Bunnell works for one of the world’s leading video game companies in Kyoto, Japan. Being the only American in the credits of a well-known game, his story went viral across the gamer and programmer blogs and forums. We talk about his path to getting his dream job and go on to discuss the philosophy of what makes a game fun.

Show notes:

Donate to Real Men Wear Pink 

RetroMotion Podcast #27 – Abbie Tykocki, Marketing and Public Relations Director

Episode 27 Burlington Telecom’s Marketing and Public Relations Director Abbie Tykocki talks about marketing, fiber, and net neutrality. As the demand for more bandwidth grows, we will become more dependent on service providers like Burlington Telecom. Abbie goes on to say that high-speed internet could be an economic driver for Vermont as the internet is the hub of interconnectivity for electronic devices. Don’t miss this great conversation!

Show notes:

Burlington Telecom


RetroMotion Podcast #26 -Derek Hallquist, Director of Denial

Derek Hallquist Director of Denial, a documentary about his parent, David Hallquist the Vermont utility executive. The film starts with David’s thoughts on the energy crisis, but then the story takes a personal and more profound change in tone. Derek speaks about David’s transition to Christine, being a nerd, politics, and running a production company.

Show Notes

Christine for Vermont

Official Denial Documentary Site

Barbe Visage: Short Film

RetroMotion Podcast #25 – Nathan Hartswick & Natalie Miller, Founders, Vermont Comedy Club

Our guests this episode are Nathan Hartswick and Natalie Miller, who are the founders of the Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington. Nathan and Natalie explain how they got into the comedy club business through their successful Kickstarter campaign, the various challenges around funding, starting, and managing a new business, and what continues to drive them forward. They also touch on the growing Vermont comedy scene and what comedy means to them as individuals.

Vermont Comedy Club

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