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Ryan Miller – Guster – Talks Vermont Creative Economy

Ryan Miller of Guster talks about the Vermont creative economy. We get into the in’s and out’s of his approach to creativity, and how Vermont played a role in helping him connect with writing his first film score. 

“It’s not a deep pool here, but it’s very wide,” Ryan says about the challenges of working in Vermont. But, without Vermont, he wouldn’t have gotten his chance to write music for the Colin Trevorrow film Saftey Not Guaranteed. Listen now to get in on the conversation of the changing face of the Vermont economy.

Show Notes: 



Adam Ginsburg owner of A. Ginsburg Architects

Meet Adam Ginsburg architect and collaborator extraordinaire. When you see his work, you immediately get a sense that he’s a seasoned professional. We dive into Adam’s approach and process of creating new homes, additions, and renovations. Listen to hear how he walks the fine line between artist, collaborator, conservationist, and engineer. It’s a fascinating insight into the world of creating homes.

Brenden Walsh, Financial Planner, Quantum Leap Capital

Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, Brenden Walsh talks about his business Quantum Leap Capital. We discuss how small business owners can save money with tax planning, business planning, and wealth preservation. His firm specializes in giving clients objective financial advice to keep your business in good financial standing. Listen now for an inside look into the nitty-gritty of positioning your small business for investment success.

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Cairn Cross – Managing Director of Fresh Tracks Capital

It’s been almost a full month since our last podcast! Justin took a short break down to Florida and was also filming on location. But, we’re back and ready to rock!

Our first guest after the winter break is Cairn Cross Managing Director of Fresh Tracks Capital and the Road Pitch. Cairn has a wealth of banking and venture capital experience and knowledge. It’s hard to bottle up all of the information in one interview. In fact, we had to cut this interview down to fit in under an hour! We’d love to have him back to continue the story of the Vermont economy.

This is a must hear podcast about doing business in Vermont and venture capital. If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding or a business person, in general, you’ll love to listen to this insightful chat.

Show Notes

Fresh Tracks Capital

The Road Pitch

RetroMotion Podcast #37 – Allyson Myers

Today’s podcast is with Allyson Myers Director of Sales and Marketing at Lake Champlain Chocolates. She talks about extraordinary chocolate moments and marketing the company’s Vermont brand across 48 states. With Valentine’s day right around the corner, this is a good reminder to stock up! “Moderation is key,” Allyson goes on to discuss what it’s like working for a premium chocolate company, the Vermont brand’s reach and their approach to using all-natural ingredients. Listen as Allyson gives us an insight into the magical world of Lake Champlain Chocolates.

RetroMotion Podcast #36 – Anthony Neri

Vermont entrepreneur Anthony Neri owner of New Horizons screen printing and additionally the owner of Pizza Putt in South Burlington talks about retro video games, jukeboxes, and doing business in Vermont. Anthony mentions some of his earlier projects as well, “While I was working in the family business’ I ended up buying a radio station before my 25th birthday.” He goes on to share his experiences with Facebook ads, radio ads and other ways he markets his business’. Listen now to hear how Neri sells video games and pizza.

RetroMotion Podcast #35-Jim Verzino

Jim Verzino was the co-founder of Ruralogic and Institute for Building Systems and is currently Director and entrepreneur in residence at Windham Grows a socially responsible, sustainability-minded business accelerator based in Brattleboro, Vermont. Jim calls in to talk about being an entrepreneur, success, failure, the American educational system, and socially responsible businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur, or if you’re thinking about starting a business this foundational conversation is a good place to start! Jim shares his experiences and thoughts on entrepreneurship.

RetroMotion Podcast #34 – Shane Rogers, Project Manager of Rooted in Vermont

In the first episode of 2019 the RetroMotion Podcast #34 talks about food and beverage with Shane Rogers. Shane is the project manager of Rooted in Vermont. Rooted in Vermont is a grassroots movement to increase consumer demand for local food. However, local has a marketing problem.

Are you interested in local food? Are you a local producer looking to expand your business? Are you a marketer that has an answer? Listen to this very important podcast about the stuff we put in our bodies!

Show Notes
Vermont Producers use the hashtag #rootedinvermont

Learn more at

RetroMotion Podcast #33 – Michael Ly, Founder of Reconciled

We talked with Michael Ly from about accounting, bookkeeping and raising money as a start-up. This is a great podcast if you’re looking to automate your bookkeeping, looking to raise money or if you’re an entrepreneur in general. Michael talks about his path to creating Reconciled and how he has a passion for looking at the numbers!


RetroMotion Podcast #32 – Craig Bailey, Host of Floydian Slip

Craig Baily is the host of Floydian Slip a syndicated Pink Floyd radio show with over 100 stations across the country. With over 1,100 episodes under his belt, Craig talks about how he built his following and explains how syndication works. We also talk a little about Pink Floyd. Don’t miss this episode to learn more about growing an audience and the importance of having a sales funnel.

Floydian Slip website

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