Going for the Gold: Marketing Your Business

It’s Olympics season, and the world is looking to Rio for a (virtual) front row seat to see the literal superhuman athletes competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics. We, as a world of nations, are more than ready to watch in awe from our couches and scarcely-used yoga mats as competitors show us what training, hard work, and inspiration really looks like.

With so many other small (and, of course, big) businesses investing in digital marketing, it can feel impossible to compete with others in your industry. If anything, it becomes easy to get uninspired. With expenses and employees, marketing can start to feel like the fat on the meat of your company.

The fact is, marketing is a seriously worthy investment. Like those Olympic gymnasts stretching and practicing for years to turn their bodies into pretzels, sometimes you need to invest in your dreams.

If your dream includes a solid business, invest in marketing. If it involves Olympic swimming, invest in a pair of goggles.

Promote Strength-Building

going-for-the-gold-1As we know, marketing can appear unimportant to the untrained eye. It can seem more like a decorative extra cost, like a McDonald’s sponsorship on your team jackets. But your business’ marketing plan is where much of its strength comes from. What’s more, it shows that you’re committed to continuing to strengthen your business and that you’ve got the know-how.

Marketing is an integral part of organizations—smart organizations that want to grow will allow the head of marketing to have a seat at the senior management table so that they are better able to make advertising/marketing/PR decisions based on the organization’s overarching goals. It’s sort of like getting a specialty coach or trainer for your Olympic event–it’s the most efficient way to create the best results.

Create a Spectacle

Make your marketing strategies interesting! Since its beginnings in ancient Greece, the Olympic Games have been a massive spectacle. Years and years are spent preparing cities for hosting the games and it’s become an industry in and of itself. Of course, that industry comes second to the excitement and work that people around the world put into the games. When considering ideas for marketing strategies, think like an Olympian–your plan should be eye-catching, all-inclusive, and exciting from its “torch lighting” to its “closing ceremonies.” Put the effort in, and people will be attracted to your business. When they turn on the games, they’ll be rooting for your team.


Train, Train, Train…Then Train Some More

Your marketing strategies will be ever-evolving, so there’s always room for improvement and adjustment. In the digital age, there’s always a new social medium, a new meme to share, a new website for your customers to check out. If you’re always working those marketing muscles, training your hardest, you’ll be able to catch up with the trends much more easily, so you can attract the most customers. You’ll come to see how important training really is–an untrained business team creating poor marketing strategies runs the risk of damaged brand equity, a loss of sales, and a loss of trust and appreciation from customers.

To make a long story short, you won’t be seeing them on the podium this summer–businesses who either don’t market or stop marketing consistently perform worse in the business world than those who keep it up.

Attract the Best Athletes and Fans

going-for-the-gold-3A good marketing campaign will bring in good workers and, of course, more customers. Create something that catches the eye, and the strongest and best are sure to follow. A business model that includes a strong marketing team implies a strong company as a whole–people are attracted to confident, well-managed businesses. They know that they can trust them to be good partners and to create great products or services. When you put good things out in the world, good things will come back–ask any gold medal holder. The work is worth it, and people will want to work with you.

Win the Gold

So how are you going to win the gold? Well, how has any Olympian won the gold (besides superhuman abilities, insane willpower, and an impossible commitment to their craft)? The answer is simple: Put in the consistent work, maintenance, and discipline needed to accomplish anything difficult.

Marketing is an extremely valuable and necessary part of any business, and to cast it aside as unimportant is an unwise mistake that could cost you lots of business in the long run. Remember that nothing happens overnight–Olympians train for their whole lives to get to where they are, but they never stop working. As Yoda once said, you must remember your training. Keep training, keep focus, and you and your business will win the gold.

Ready to take home the gold for your organization?

Let’s Go!


Jen Macneil

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