[Infographic] Marketing Strategy as an Engine

When developing a marketing strategy, we ask ourselves at every step: Does this move our client closer to their goals?

One of the foundational tenets at RetroMotion Creative is the idea that marketing should not be a cost center, but an active revenue generator. Technology enables us to build strategies that place the right message in front of prospects at the right time and place. This is your robot army salesforce, generating leads and moving product while you sleep.

Our approach is to fold your creative into a strategy that uses technology to help target potential customers on the channels they frequent most for both work and leisure. Once identified, we guide these prospects through a series of thoughtfully developed stages that are meant to nurture these early relationships until they become actual leads. This is our engine, fueled by a stream of potential customers. Over time, we add and remove components, fine-tune parameters, and optimize for best results based on the data.

But the engine can become quite complex, and sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest for its trees. We’ve put together an infographic that visualizes some of the connections that make our strategies work. Check it out below:

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