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We’re committed to reflecting your brand’s authenticity online

Mad River Distillers is a true “grain to glass” experience that should be reflected in all of your marketing. Our goal is to highlight your brand in ways that will elicit recognition, loyalty, and a personal touch. This will occur as we increase your online discoverability, generate excitement and awareness for your brand, and encourage people to visit your Burlington tasting room location. While working with RetroMotion Creatives, you can count on a handcrafted marketing experience that mirrors your spirits.

Be where they are

Promote discoverability and brand awareness online

Your customers are online, educating themselves, interacting with brands, and making purchase decisions. Mad River Distillers is on all the right platforms with a compelling story just waiting to be told across your digital properties. There is a tremendous amount of potential for engagement by bolstering your online presence. RetroMotion Creative can help you get there.

Rich Media Content

Content marketing comes in many flavors, and video ranks among the most effective vehicles to promote your brand online.

Video is engaging, powerful, and very sharable. It helps consumers better understand your message and can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Written Content

A key part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy involves the production of unique, high-quality articles to draw in readers organically through search or through promotion across your various online properties.

Not only does this kind of content marketing help establish your brand as an authority, it also serves as one of the only ways to effectively improve your search rankings.

Social Media

As you know, your digital marketing strategy hinges on crafting compelling content that can be used across your digital properties.

RetroMotion Creative can help to ensure that this content is discoverable by developing a distribution strategy leveraging your presence across social networks.

Digital Advertising

Paid advertising will boost the visibility of your message. Targeting will allow us to select messaging that is appropriate for specific segments, ensuring the right message reaches the right people at the right time. We will pair our digital advertising campaigns with landing pages designed to capture email addresses for opt-in marketing and promotion.

Email Marketing

As your email list grows, we will design campaigns that target current and prospective customers to incentivize them to interact with your brand, visit your locations, and make online purchases. Email remains among the most effective forms of outbound marketing and will help to keep your brand top of mind.

Other Initiatives

Mad River Distillers defies convention, so fans expect your marketing to be equally out-of-the-box.

RetroMotion Creative is here to offer consultation and development of unique promotional campaigns.

Thank you

We look forward to working with you. Let us know if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoy our take on your brand, which has the potential to be a household name with our digital marketing solutions. Let us know if you have any feedback, as we look forward to working together and promoting the Mad River Distillers name.

Emily MacKenzie
Director of Communications & Brand Strategy
RetroMotion Creative