Let’s Get Started!

The following are simple steps to get you started on engaging your audience through creative content. These steps can apply to any content including video production, animated explainer videos, photography, and design. RetroMotion is here to help guide you along your journey to engaging your clients, customers, and audiences.

1. Your Vision

It takes vision and leadership to fully understand and engage your customers. Take your vision and understanding of your brand and visualize it. Bring it to life with creative content and put yourself out there.

2. Know Yourself

To reach your goals you must first know what your goals are. Make a map of what actions and emotions you want your customers to take or feel. What is this content going to achieve for your brand?

3. Emotional Value

Decide on the emotional value that your customers will gain from you. What is the take away of your brand? What is your social mission? How will this brand improve not only their physical lives but also their emotional lives?

4. Plan for Adventure

Now that we know where you want to go, and why let’s embark on an adventure! Let’s concept your creative content. RetroMotion is the vehicle for your adventure. We can guide you technically and emotionally through your brand’s universe.

5. Buckle-up

It’s time to fly! We will work together to make memorable experiences for your customers.

6. Engage

Our freshly minted content will engage your customers and clients turning them into loyal followers and participants of the brand you’ve created.

7. Study

We can help you monitor your new content and make suggested adjustments to maximize success.

8. Keep it going

Unless you’re planning on selling or closing your business now is the time to go back to Step 1.


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