Rejoice: The Facebook “Dislike” Button is (Kinda) Here!

Social Validation Revolution

From its humble origins as a novel way to creep on classmates to its current ubiquity as a global repository of personal data for the intelligence community, Facebook has been responsible for many game-changing innovations throughout its glorious lifespan. One of its most widely recognized and important features is the “Facebook Like”, which transformed social validation on the Internet after its introduction in 2009. Requiring only a single click, the Like button acts as a stand-in for a range of positive responses: Agreement, amusement, empathy, sympathy, and actual liking, to name a few.

The Dislike Button

fb_img2Unsurprisingly, users have since clamored for a button that allows them to react negatively to social posts (after all, what’s the Internet without a healthy dose of negativity?). Several user groups have even campaigned for a Dislike button; their sad pleas falling on seemingly deaf, uncaring ears.

On February 24, 2016, Facebook quietly introduced a new feature to satisfy its most disenfranchised users to some degree. No, it’s not a Dislike button, but it’s the closest we’ll ever get to having one. Users are now able to emote a range of feelings: Like, love, laughter, surprise, sadness, and anger. Hooray for subtleties! We are no longer bound by a single expression of positive reinforcement.

To access your new emotions, simply hover your mouse cursor over the Like button and select from the expressions that pop up. If you’re on mobile, hold down the Like button with your finger.

Angry is the New Dislike

While Dislike button purists will not be satisfied by this token change, the Anger button will likely serve as the catch-all negativity button in the same way Likes gave us the ability to broad stroke positivity.

  • Upsetting current events? Anger.
  • Rhetoric from the opposite political spectrum? Anger.
  • Your friend’s ugly baby? Anger.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on how users are taking advantage of these new features as we develop an understanding of its impact on social media marketing. Stay tuned!

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