Lock It Up: All Customer Sites Now Secured With SSL

Security is serious business and we want our customers to have their marketing investments protected from malicious actors. That’s why we’ve decided to upgrade all customers with websites maintained by RetroMotion to use SSL at no cost.

An SSL connection provides encrypted communications between server and web browser to maintain the integrity of data passed between the two. Most users are familiar with SSL-secured sites by the little green lock that appears next to the link in the browser’s address bar.


More than just a cute icon, this technology is being seen by Google and other search engines as essential to a safe user experience. In fact, Google shows preference for SSL secured sites in their search rankings and Google’s Chrome browser will begin displaying a big “Not Secure” label next to regular ‘ol HTTP sites, starting in January with sites accepting password and credit card info.

Over the next few weeks, customers with Retro-maintained websites will begin to see the little green lock next to their web address as we roll out this upgrade.

If you currently do not have a website maintained by us, but are super-impressed with our level of long-term support, let’s talk!

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