Case Study

Generate leads for a Credit Union using Digital Advertising

The Client

Our client is a relatively young community development credit union in New England that helps the underserved and unbanked communities. With nearly 8,000 members and over $35 million in assets, their growth has been accelerating over the last decade.

As a not-for-profit institution, the Credit Union is focused on the development of niche products so that all community members can experience financial freedom. Their motto is “We don’t say no. We say when.” Therefore, when members take out a mortgage, a personal loan, or invest in the Credit Union, they are in turn reinvesting that money locally into programs and businesses that support the community.

The Challenge

In the past, the Credit Union relied on word of mouth referrals to bring in new members and loans. However, in 2016, their growth required the loan department to bring in significantly more mortgages than in the past–forcing them to become more aggressive with their advertising and promotional efforts.

As a not-for-profit relying on the community for funding, simply increasing frequency of traditional media channels (i.e. radio, television, newspaper, etc.) was not financially feasible.

In a saturated market, the Credit Union was faced with competitive financial institutions with higher advertising budgets. Therefore, our client needed a more cost-effective option that would provide both an accurate analysis of performance, and tangible leads that were in-market for mortgages.

Our Plan

RetroMotion Creative developed a comprehensive digital advertising strategy using AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Display Advertising, and Facebook Advertising. All three channels utilized the same geographic targeting that limited where ads were to be served.

Our PPC Ad strategy used very localized and targeted keywords, including long-tail keywords that were unique to the Credit Union’s membership. This technique allowed us to achieve competitive rankings through a combination of good keyword strategy and an overall high quality score due to having relevant ads and landing pages.

The Display Ads used a combination of interest-based targeting, specific placements on relevant websites (Trulia, Zillow, etc), and remarketing lists.

Using Facebook Ads, we leveraged the unique ability to target both existing fans of the Credit Union as well as user profiles that fell within the range of sociodemographic traits we established during the planning phase of this campaign. Facebook is invaluable to marketers as it collects and analyzes user behavior patterns (both within and outside of Facebook) to draw conclusions about whether a user is in-market for certain products or services.

All three digital advertising channels brought users to a Landing Page configured as a squeeze page. Our objective was to help the Credit Union collect leads for their mortgage originators to follow up with individually, so these landing pages were ultimately designed to capture a visitor’s name and email address for later follow up.

Both the landing pages and image-based ads used creative that played off of the existing mortgage campaign theme: “You’re not just a number”. This helped create a cohesive experience throughout the Credit Union’s digital properties and campaign creative featured at their branch locations.

The Results

As you may recall, the primary objective of this campaign was to deliver highly qualified, in-market leads to the Credit Union in the form of user contact information. We decided to measure conversions by tracking successful form submissions as well as clicks to the actual mortgage application (hosted externally on a third party platform).

Monthly User Traffic

In just three months, website user traffic to the Credit Union’s main mortgage page increased by 76%.

If we account for all pages related to mortgage products, including our campaign landing pages, we saw a 1072% increase in user traffic.

Conversions By Type

    Within the first quarter of the campaign, we generated hundreds of conversions, with over a third of them being form submissions through our landing pages.

    Conversion Rate


    Our conversion rate, based on the number of users delivered through our campaigns, was an impressive 5.6%.

    Through the introduction of Digital Advertising into the Credit Union’s promotional mix, RetroMotion enabled the organization to capture an unprecedented volume of highly qualified, in-market leads in a measurable and cost-effective way.

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