Keep On Keepin’ On: Consistency and Social Media Marketing

It’s not the car’s fault the tires are bald.

You drive like Mario Andretti on your morning commute and race around town every day. You don’t fill up, you don’t change your oil. In fact, you don’t do anything that remotely resembles car maintenance. Ever. Well, guess what, turkey? Your car is going to run out of gas!

If you really were Mario Andretti, you’d know that you have to have one of the best crew pits in the history of IndyCar racing in order to drive your car hard on a daily basis and not have problems.

Your social media is the same way. That’s why our next Marketing Confession is a gas.


If you assume that simply having a social media page will increase sales leads overnight you are probably going to be disappointed in the morning. Social media marketing takes time and determination to build trust and relationships with new and existing customers.

Question. Did you:

  • Produce daily, relevant content?
  • Make posts that are inviting and/or interactive?
  • Encourage conversations about your products or services?
  • Have meaningful interactions with your fans?
  • Occasionally link back to content on your own website?

If you’re like the guy in the video and you only post once in awhile, the expectation gap between effort input versus reward should be fairly low.

Don’t give up! The good news is that social media and content marketing is one of the most effective ways you can drive new business and build loyalty with existing customers. With 88% of the U.S. population connected online you’ll know when you’re doing it right because your brand will be elevated with a new energy.

Come on Mario, let’s go for a ride!

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