Building a Website for a Cause: Vermont English Bulldog Rescue

I finally understand why the English Bulldog is the unofficially adopted mascot of the US Marines. It’s not because Bullies are brave, aggressive, or particularly fierce (actually they are the completely opposite). It’s because of their uncanny faithfulness.

Semper Fidelis, the motto of the Marines, means “always faithful”. Buffy, my recently passed English Bulldog, was the absolute definition of faithfulness and loyalty. This is why RetroMotion had decided to donate the time and expertise to create a new website for the Vermont English Bulldog Rescue. We wanted to honor Buffy’s legacy by helping other families connect with these amazing creatures.

bulldog buffy

Always faithful

Buffy was a rescue dog. She was with a family that couldn’t provide the level of care that English Bulldogs need to thrive. Incredible kindness and joyfulness exploded from her even from the first moment we met her. We came to the backyard of the home where we “rescued” her from, and when she was called, she came running around the corner full speed! Immediately, she jumped up on my leg looking for a pat on the head. She hadn’t left my side from that day until the day I buried her. She loved to ride with me to work and brought so many laughs and smiles to everyone that she met. It was her undying loyalty to me and my family that made her not just a dog, but more of a legend.

Vermont English Bulldog Rescue

After Buffy passed, we started to consider trying to rescue another dog. That’s when I learned about Vermont English Bulldog Rescue. It was great to see the amazing, selfless work that Dawna and Karen do for the dogs. Their dedication to these animals have placed dozens of dogs with excellent families. It was heartening for me to see that others enjoyed the English Bully temperament as much as I once did.

Every year as part of the RetroMotion culture, we try to provide some level of pro bono work to our community. For me to be able to honor Buffy and other English Bulldogs, was really a no-brainer. After our first meeting with the Vermont English Bulldog Rescue team, they decided that refreshing their website would be the most impactful thing we could do for their organization. It was a significant task for the Retro team, but if this site helps connect more dogs with good families, then it is worth it. With the Retro team behind this idea, we were able to deliver a great website and provide a effective hub for the rescue to continue to do their great work.

website development

Thank you!

It was my intention to dedicate our time as RetroMotion Creative to build the Vermont English Bulldog Rescue website in honor of her majesty, Buffy, the greatest bulldog.

Thank you Vermont English Bulldog Rescue for connecting our canine friends to good families and thank you Buffy for bringing me and everyone around me laughter, joy, and smelly farts. Thank you to the awesome RetroMotion team, Emily, and Ti for all the time and excellent work you put into this project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for creative website design and production.

And please visit the Vermont English Bulldog Rescue website to donate or adopt something wonderful into your life today!

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