A Steamin’ Slice of Brand Consistency

Imagine that you’re a lover of pizza. A pizza pie aficionado. A bro just looking for some ‘za. We have certain expectations after we pay the delivery guy–he provides for us, and we trust him. When we open that box, we’re hoping for that supportive crust, those well-placed toppings, and, perhaps more than anything else, that gooey, well-cooked cheese.

In 2016, making pizza is more than tossing some cheese on a saucy piece of flatbread and calling it a delicious day. It’s a new age of pizza–it requires technique, creativity, a well thought out cheese-to-sauce-to-topping ratio. And damn it, we deserve it.


Consistent and delicious.

Just the same, today’s marketing is much more than a logo, a slogan, and a phone number on a business card. Marketing has become deeply nuanced and specific, and a haphazardly-baked plain cheese pizza doesn’t cut it anymore. Solidifying a consistent brand experience will show the world what you’re cookin’ with.

Maintaining a consistent brand is a great way to show customers the quality and consistency they can expect from your work. Making your public presence–be it online, through print, skywriting, smoke signals, blimps, whatever else–a presence that consumers can trust to remain similar and comfortable every time is an invaluable asset to your company and your business reputation.

Now, (thankfully) back to the pizza! Everyone has a go-to pizza place. Whether it’s a big-time chain like Domino’s or Pizza Hut or your small-town Andrea’s House of Pizza or Big Daddy’s, we all have our preferences. Of course, the variety of toppings on the menu and the attitudes of teen delivery drivers play a part in our pizza choices. But what has you coming back to the same place week after week? Consistency.

When it’s good in the same way every time, the cheese is always melted just right, and the crust is the perfect mix of crunchy and fluffy, you learn to love it and, what’s more, you learn to expect it. Andrea’s wouldn’t be your favorite if it didn’t always serve the best pizza. You learn to trust your favorite and expect the same quality every time. It’s all a matter of taste, but what really makes a positive difference is that it’s consistent.

The same goes for marketing your business.

Consistent marketing materials contribute to an overall professional appearance. When you develop a strong, consistent public presence, it reflects well on your company as a whole. Producing good marketing content tells people that the other things you produce–your goods, your services, your water cooler jokes–are also held to the same standards. Clear, directed, and well-maintained campaigns show that you know how to market and do business on a higher, more nuanced level than your competitors.


Brand consistency isn’t just good for you–it’s good for your clients, too. Without it, you run the risk of losing their trust, being forgotten in a sea of small business advertisements, and gaining a bad reputation. Here are a few ways consistency can strengthen your client relationships:

Trust in the Pie

Having a consistent brand experience establishes a sense of trust between you and your audience. An organized, reliable business operation shows that you know how to do business like a professional, have pride in your work, and care about consistent quality in all aspects of your work–not just marketing. It’s comforting to see cohesive work right away.

Find Comfort in the Pie


As human beings, we love what’s familiar. For long-time customers, inconsistency can be off-putting and uncomfortable. Your clients come to you for a reason, so working to continue the feel of the service they’ve come to trust and appreciate will go a long way. For new customers, they can trust that they’ll have a pleasant experience each time and, eventually, get familiar with you too.

Recognize the Pie

When we’re exposed to something enough times, it quickly becomes recognizable. How else do you think you know all the words to “Call Me Maybe?” When the results are consistent, your marketing strategies will place your brand at the forefront of your clients’ minds. They’ll know you by the tone of your tweets, your website structure, your color schemes, and your company culture. This brand recognition will make a difference when word of mouth meets digital exposure.

Strengthen the Pie

Add all of this together with a good product or service and it will benefit your business as a whole. Consistency in marketing allows you to put yourself out there in a much more meaningful and impactful way. Taking the time to make it right will give you a leg up on your competitors and help you in the long run.

Consistency is key, and it’s well worth the time and effort. Add it to your recipe, and your brand can be someone’s go-to pizza place, too.

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Jen Macneil

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