Case Study

Using Social Media to Build Brand Loyalty for a B2B Client

The Client

Our client is a leading New England feed producer that focuses on providing farmers with the highest quality feed for cows, pigs, and chickens. They also offer on-site, data-driven dairy nutrition services to ensure farmers receive a high-touch customer experience and a feed plan that fits the specific needs of their herd.

The Challenge

After a change in leadership, the client was at risk of facing changing public perception. Customers were wary of the company’s standing and the threat of lost business loomed. The client needed to retain current customers while attracting in-market prospects by changing any negative perceptions that the company may have developed.

It was important for the client to strengthen their reputation to overcome the short-term obstacles while simultaneously building a foundation for nurturing long-term customer loyalty and establishing themselves as an authority in their industry online.

Our Plan

Businesses must connect with consumers where they already are, and with the average American spending up to 1.25 hours per day on social, it has become increasingly obvious that it’s one of the best places to reach them. Not only does social media assist with customer loyalty, brand awareness, and repeat business, it also provides fans with a global platform to advocate for a business’ products and services.

For these reasons, RetroMotion Creative sought to reach customers, prospects, and industry influencers through a thought leadership initiative on Facebook. Our goal was to position the client as the go-to company for industry knowledge and innovative ideas in the feed industry, while displaying a high level of authenticity by connecting with farming culture.

We developed a social media content calendar with three characteristics in mind for each post


Because customers are inviting you into their personal space on Facebook, it is important to respect this relationship by posting quality content that they will appreciate. Each post we developed needed to offer quality content that the target audience would enjoy and find appropriate in their news feeds.


Understanding your audience allows you to craft content that has a greater chance for user engagement. Engagement (via click, Like, Share, or Comment) provides a level of social validation for your content and can help deliver your message to a wider audience, so it was essential for us to develop quality, shareable content.


Rather than attempt to control dialogue, we wanted to encourage fans to interact with the page and its posts. This would help our client to strengthen relationships with customers, develop their trust and brand loyalty, and ensure that their needs or complaints were addressed swiftly.

While keeping these three points in mind, we developed a monthly rolling calendar of posts that featured unique content with recurring posts such as educational, inspirational, and community-related themes. In order to grow the client’s following, we utilized paid promotions to boost the visibility of select posts to narrowly targeted audiences that fit their customer demographics.

The Results

Our primary goal was to positively influence public perception of our client in order to help them regain consumer trust and build brand loyalty. We also set out to develop the scaffolding that would support long-term success on social media through building an active and engaging Facebook presence designed to draw in customers, prospects, industry influencers, and people involved in the farming community.

New Page Likes

We saw a 58.8% increase in the number of new followers over a six-month period at the time of this case study compared to the six-month period before the start of this initiative.


To benchmark engagement, we measured the average monthly content Likes, Shares, and Comments over a six-month period before the launch of this social strategy and at the time of this case study. With an 833.7% increase in Likes, a 591.7% increase in Shares, and 574.4% increase in Comments, we are confident that our approach has worked for our client.

Public Perception


Increase in Positive Interactions (Sum of Likes, Shares, & Comments)

While things like public perception are difficult to quantify, we can make a reasonable deduction from the increase in positive interactions (totality of Fans, Likes, Comments, Shares) to mean an overall upward trend in favorable sentiment.

By introducing strategy, best practices, and creativity to social media, RetroMotion Creative was able to deliver real, business-relevant results for a B2B client by influencing the perception of the company within their industry and the farming community at large, as well as creating a strong, loyal following amongst people in their target demographic.

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