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Lock It Up: All Customer Sites Now Secured With SSL

Security is serious business and we want our customers to have their marketing investments protected from malicious actors. That’s why we’ve decided to upgrade all customers with websites maintained by RetroMotion to use SSL at no cost.

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Keep On Keepin’ On: Consistency and Social Media Marketing

It’s not the car’s fault the tires are bald.

You drive like Mario Andretti on your morning commute and race around town every day. You don’t fill up, you don’t change your oil. In fact, you don’t do anything that remotely resembles car maintenance. Ever. Well, guess what, turkey? Your car is going to run out of gas!

If you really were Mario Andretti, you’d know that you have to have one of the best crew pits in the history of IndyCar racing in order to drive your car hard on a daily basis and not have problems.

Your social media is the same way. That’s why our next Marketing Confession is a gas.
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So you made a video. Now what?

Now that you’ve spent hundreds of hours concepting and thousands of dollars producing your new video, what are you supposed to do with it? Unless you’re working with a marketing firm or a media buying agency, you’ll most likely just put it on your website and wait for the clicks to roll in.
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7 Reasons to Hire Out Your Marketing

If you’re struggling to grasp the nuances of marketing in today’s digital world, you’re not alone. With all the data streaming in from channels you don’t even remember that you’re using, it can be a truly crazy process. As a business owner, you can no longer get away from the looming specter of customer information that dictates how your marketing campaigns run, and the personal experiences that customers expect require you to analyze that information and turn it into something amazing, engaging and far better than what the competition is offering.

Like most businesses, you probably don’t have even close to enough staff to use all this data to optimize creative campaigns. Putting everything on hold to hire a dedicated team or fully staffing your existing marketing department could easily leave your business on the launching pad while your competitors rocket into the stratosphere. Outsourcing your commerce efforts, on the other hand, gives you the edge you need to come out on top.
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[Infographic] Marketing Strategy as an Engine

When developing a marketing strategy, we ask ourselves at every step: Does this move our client closer to their goals?

One of the foundational tenets at RetroMotion Creative is the idea that marketing should not be a cost center, but an active revenue generator. Technology enables us to build strategies that place the right message in front of prospects at the right time and place. This is your robot army salesforce, generating leads and moving product while you sleep.
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Social Media Professional Self Service

Why your horn hath tooted the wrong note

Why do some professionals continue to boast about their drunken antics and personal political views but not their professional effectiveness? Why not use social media to your advantage? Why not build a personal brand as strong as your professional brand? Sure, it’s great that you like the Rolling Stones, but do we really need to know that your first kid was due to whisky and listening to “Honky Tonk Women” in the backseat of a Buick?
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Rejoice: The Facebook “Dislike” Button is (Kinda) Here!

Social Validation Revolution

From its humble origins as a novel way to creep on classmates to its current ubiquity as a global repository of personal data for the intelligence community, Facebook has been responsible for many game-changing innovations throughout its glorious lifespan. One of its most widely recognized and important features is the “Facebook Like”, which transformed social validation on the Internet after its introduction in 2009. Requiring only a single click, the Like button acts as a stand-in for a range of positive responses: Agreement, amusement, empathy, sympathy, and actual liking, to name a few.
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Who’s the real hero of Star Wars?

How would the Rebel Alliance use social media?

In the original Star Wars trilogy, the Rebel Alliance is a fledgling network of freedom fighters, comprised of soldiers, defectors, idealists, and everyday people looking to reestablish the democratic governance system of the Old Republic. The Alliance spans the galaxy from the Imperial capital in Coruscant, all the way to the far reaches of the Outer Rim territories.

Under the watchful eye of the Empire, the Rebels have to respond quickly to what’s happening around them. It’s critical for them to find new ways to communicate quickly and effectively, transmitting the most relevant and targeted information to the right people, at the right time—this is how they gain followers for their cause, and maintain visibility and relevance.

So how would the Rebel Alliance use social media in a galaxy far far away?
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