7 Reasons to Hire Out Your Marketing

If you’re struggling to grasp the nuances of marketing in today’s digital world, you’re not alone. With all the data streaming in from channels you don’t even remember that you’re using, it can be a truly crazy process. As a business owner, you can no longer get away from the looming specter of customer information that dictates how your marketing campaigns run, and the personal experiences that customers expect require you to analyze that information and turn it into something amazing, engaging and far better than what the competition is offering.

Like most businesses, you probably don’t have even close to enough staff to use all this data to optimize creative campaigns. Putting everything on hold to hire a dedicated team or fully staffing your existing marketing department could easily leave your business on the launching pad while your competitors rocket into the stratosphere. Outsourcing your commerce efforts, on the other hand, gives you the edge you need to come out on top.

7reasons-11. Saves Time and Money

When it comes to creating engaging promotions, time is of the essence. Building email lists, designing landing pages and writing content takes time away from the rest of your business duties. Hiring dedicated team members takes even longer, not to mention the extra money involved in paying their salaries and benefits.

Outsourcing your digital marketing also costs money, but the overall investment is far less than what you’d spend on an in-house team. Agencies have already recruited the best and the brightest, and partnering with these great minds saves you from the stress of a long hiring process as you try to weed out appropriate candidates.

2. Offers Better Technology

Digital marketing tools are always being updated with powerful new features to navigate the volatile world of online advertising. Device use shifts, social media trends change and the approaches you relied on become obsolete overnight. Trying to keep up with it all means staying on top of frequent software updates, something that can become very difficult to sustain in-house.

Since agencies specialize in creating great campaigns, it’s in their best interests to use the most up-to-date tools. Upgrades are taken care of as soon as new options appear. Teams can be re-trained to make the most of fresh features that analyze customer information, produce in-depth reports and rework campaigns to be more effective. This all takes place behind the scenes so that you can run your business without being bothered.

3. Taps into Expert Service

Your main focus is on supporting your business with strong growth strategies. Digital agencies are focused entirely on advertising and promotion. Their team members have years of experience working with businesses like yours, so they understand what methods and channels work best to reach your unique audience.

Partnering with an agency gives you access to these talented people any time you need it. From populating your holiday campaign with perky elves to making sure your blog never goes silent, these seasoned professionals will work with you to figure out exactly what can serve your business best.


4. Provides an Unbiased Perspective

An in-house team is never enthusiastic about delivering reports that shed an unfavorable light on your merchandising campaigns. Agencies, however, are in the business of finding problems and correcting them, and they’re not afraid to tell it straight when something is holding your business back.

This kind of honest evaluation enables a digital agency’s team to create and implement objective solutions based on what’s right for your company. You may have had good intentions when you created Billy the Buyer Persona, but it’s possible that your vision was clouded by how you wish your customers would behave. Using a combination of analytics and social tracking, the teams at agencies can market to audiences that already display enthusiasm about your products and services.

7reasons-35. Utilizes Multiple Channels

Omni-channel campaigns have gone from being the wave of the future to being integral parts of business promotion. Facebook and Twitter continue to be the most popular platforms for interacting with brands, but visually based social networks like Instagram and Snapchat are gaining ground. Video advertising is yet another way to bring your brand to a wider audience. Trying to assemble an in-house team with the expertise necessary to work with all these channels is a monumental task, but outsourcing pairs you up with a group of people with experience in making the most out of every marketing opportunity.

6. Unleashes Creativity

There’s no doubt that your company is full of innovative thinkers ready to launch great ideas at a moment’s notice, but all that creativity could easily go to waste if you try to give them too much to do. Digital ad agencies have the luxury of focusing on one area, meaning that the full force of their team’s creative energy is poured into promoting your business. They have the time and resources to:

  • Analyze the approach that the competition is taking
  • Craft distinctive campaigns that put your company light years ahead
  • Use new forms of content to break into untapped channels
  • Leverage specific talents and abilities to create campaigns that define your brand as unique

When put into practice, these tactics have the power to propel your brand to new heights by crafting compelling messages that generate interest, draw in customers and consistently increase sales.

7. Can Be Scaled as Needed

7reasons-4Adapting to changing advertising needs can be next to impossible with an in-house team. The only way to scale back is to let some of your employees go, and the only way to boost output is to take the time to find new team members. Through it all, you still have the expense of updating and maintaining whatever advertising tools you use.

Outsourcing your company’s promotions means that you can immediately work up new campaigns to take advantage of an unexpected boom in the market or back off should you be blessed with more business than you can handle. The experts at digital agencies also know how to adjust your messages during slow times to appeal to customers who may be less than enthusiastic about spending money.

Switching to a digital marketing agency frees up your in-house teams to work on other projects so that you can stay focused on providing great products and fantastic customer service. Let RetroMotion Creative handle your ad campaigns using all the latest tools to create engaging content that skyrockets your business to “out of this world” status. We know how to grab leads and excite customers to provide the conversion rates that your business needs to keep on growing.

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